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INSPIRA HotelFit offers a professional class schedule also during your holiday. With experienced, qualified instructors and trainers. With a positive spirit, we welcome beginners and advanced participants. Use your vacation to harmonize body + mind + soul, to improve your body feeling, to workout, to get to know new possibilities and to most important: to enjoy yourself.
In the course categories BODY and MIND, HEALTH, FITNESS, WELLNESS and SPECIALS you will find the course descriptions for the respective courses.

Apart from the usual hotel animation, my offer will take place in the more exclusive areas of the following hotels. Participation is free for you and an additional guest service:

  • Hotel Club Jandia Princess **** (adults zone)
  • Hotel Melia Gorriones  ****
  • Sol Beach House by Melia Gorriones ****

Course selection, times and meeting points can be found in the current schedule (INSPIRA Fitness) in your hotel, on the notice boards or at the reception. The course selection depends on the season, guest structure and the conditions of the respective hotel. The courses take place largely outdoors. Please arrive on time, bring water and towel with you and look for appropriate clothing, sunscreen if necesarry.

For questions all about your health, the INSPIRA Fitness Team will be happy to assist you before or after the courses. For questions regarding hotel stays or travel arrangements, please contact the hotel or your travel agent directly.


categories Inspira Groupfitness:


Through  physical postures (Asanas), strreching, breathing exercises and meditation we restore the balance between body and mind. Hatha Yoga means  union of  the sun and moon. Your balance between  activity and passivity, warmth and cold, extroversity and tranquillity. You develop a calm, steady force  you can even benefit from in your everyday life. Suitable for everybody.

We use the special, clear energy of the morning at the most beautiful sites outdoors. Certain Yoga postures (Asanas) are combined to one flow of motion and breathing. Stimulating for circulation, strengthening and stretching. Physical and mental well-being will guide you right through the vacation day.

For beginners. The basic aspects  of Yoga are explained und practised here. The focus lies on the correct practise of  the basic positions, individual adjustments and  breathing technique.
Even skilled people will come across a couple of useful new tips and ideas.

A passionate and dynamic Yoga-style with intensive Asanas. It combines flexibiliy, power & concentration. The flowing movements are sychronised with breathing: so that body, mind & soul are brought in harmony. Suitable for healthy beginners and the advanced.

A soft, but effective training method. What counts is not quantity, but the quality of the exercises.
Single muscles/parts of muscles are targeted and activated, relaxed or stretched. Particular focus lies on the strengthening of the lower muscles round the body. By activating this powerhouse, waist and hip, as a side-effect, will get slimmer. Absolutely joint-sparing and sustainable. The Pilates-principles can be integrated into your everyday life and will improve your posture.

is athletic, simple, demanding, unique – and utterly different from all other
well-known programmes: a work-out of 5 elements and full of energy! DeepWork is based on the principle of Yin & Yang - and combines the mental and physical differences of a functional training. Concentration & Relaxation. For skilled people with a strong mind.

With this training you are fully up-to-date. Current research confirms that fasciae (muscular tissue) form an essential basis for our physical health and athletic fitness. By a variety of elements like swinging exercises, complex stretching or using massage rolls and balls we strengthen, regenerate and stretch our entire tissue. At the same time the quality of our movements and our body feeling are improved. Whether health or athletic goals: fasciae training  makes us more efficient - and works like a fountain of youth.




AQUA Zumba®
Perfekt für diejenigen, die nach einem energiegeladenen Low-Impact Training im Wasser suchen, um Ihr Fitness-Programm noch zu ergänzen oder sich auch im Urlaub in Bewegung zu halten. Aqua Zumba bringt die Zumba Philosophie mit Wasserwiderstand zusammen. Vorteil im Wasser: die Gelenke werden deutlich weniger belaste, man kann einfach mal losslassen. Wasser schafft einen
natürlichen Widerstand. Dadurch kostet jeder Schritt etwas mehr Kraft und die Muskeln werden so gestärkt. Außerdem kannst Du spontan teilnehmen: Im Bikini:) Hoch von der Liege und schon gehts´s los. Diese Pool- Party sollte man auf keinen Fall verpassen! Hier sind alle Willkommen, von 8-88 Jahren.

You won´t experience our „Workout“ as such! We combine movements of high and
low intensity to a calory-burning intervall training. You will feel like at a dance -
fitness party! As soon as the Latin- & international rhythms haven talken hold of you,
you´ll understand why Zumba Fitness courses are quite often n o t perceived as „workout“. Mega-effective? Y e s ! Mega-fun? Yes, yes, yes ! A complete workout that combines elements of fitness-, cardio- and muscle-buildup training with exercises for balance and flexibility. Brightens up tired minds, you´ll sparkle with energy and feel fantastic.

Eine sanfte, aber efektive Kräftigungsstunde mit dem Schwerpunkt auf Bauch, Beine und Po. Mit Hilfsmittel wie Tubes und Bällen straffen wir die Muskulatur bei einer korrekten Übungsausführung. Pilateselemente und Halteübungen werden kombiniert mit dynamischen Übungen.

Cardio units are combined with strengthening exercises for stomach, legs & bottom to a crispy training. With this intervall training not only your stamina will be improved, your fat stores will be attacked as well. Performed with motivating music and simple step combinations.

This body styling is not only for men! An effective whole-body training with your own body weight, TRX  and other „toys“. We combine, simply and effectively, all fitness components: strength, stamina, coordination, flexibility, speed. Different levels of difficulty make possible a training for different levels of performance.

The equipment sounds like Chinese to you? You would like to train on your own, but could do with a short introduction to a safe training? Or would you like to make your training more effective? Then come along – we´ll show you how to do it !

A guided whole-body training for strengthening the main muscle groups. A 1-minute strain period with short break intervals makes this circle training practicable for everybody. We take care about the right execution of this exercise and adjust the intensity of strain to your level of performance. Elements integrated in this circle are equipment, free exercises and stamina parts. In the team the 45 minutes will pass quickly.




For a strong body centre. Belly and back/core and the muscles around the trunk will get strengthened and put into shape. In this functional training we work with our own body weight, stop-, balance - and complex exercises. Right in the focus : the upright erection of your body posture and an active sense of your efforts. Avoiding injuries and a positive  body feeling will accompany you  in your everyday life. Beginners will find the right challenge with three different levels of dificulty.

A gentle mixture of Yoga and Pilates- exercises, carried out in the water. A beneficient kind of water gymnastics. The element of water stands for tranquility and strengh. During the Pilates part we fell our body working against the water resistance - and how our lower muscles get into action, with the emergence force of the water! During the Yoga part we fell the float with the weightlessness of our body. We let our body and mind go a-drifting. Feel like new- born!

Early bird – the early bird catches the worm. Enjoy the wonderful heart - circulation training on the beach. We ´ll begin by mobilising all our main joints before we enjoy the moving our bodies in the fresh sea air. Right in between we stop to feel our breathing and to learn more about using our senses. Before we have breakfast, we´ll  give our muscles a good stretching. Just the right thing even for morning slackers!
Have fun !


Balance belongs – besides reaction and skilfulness – to the group of „coordinative abilities“. The sense of balance – just like strength, stamina and mobility – can be trained all your life long and can be improved noticeably again and again. By staying inactive our central nervous system loses its ability to pass on external stimuli, which means response gets slower, the danger of falling and insecurity increases. In our courses we put carefully targeted strain incentives and thus further the improvement of your fitness and also of your quality of life.

We effectively integrate the principles of fasciae training into our gentle yoga course. Extented staying in positions and smooth sequences of movement enable you to feel your body in an intensive way. In addition, massage rolls, stretching exercises and soft bouncing  help against  glueing, stress and pain. Fasciae regularly stretched and moved are the best requirement to avoid sticking, prevent pain in your back as well as in your muscles in or around your bones/ skeleton.




The fitness training  for  your mind. The flow of thoughts  never stops? Time to focus your mind ! We´ll help you with guided breathing exercises, sounds and vibrations or meditation trips to guide and concentrate your mind, recharge your batteries and spark new creativity. „ After a storm you ´ll look from above into the calm, crystal-clear water and see right to the bottom of the sea.“

RELAX body & mind
Turn off, let go and enjoy! Let yourself get carried away on a trip of your senses. Hear, smell, feel and even with your eyes shut you will be able to see. Release physical and mental strain and let your thoughts drift away for a while! We´ll apply relaxation techniques from progressive muscle relaxation, fantasy trips, autogenic training or simply sounds of sound bowls.

The perfect wellness course before, after and during the trip. We´ll restore your sense of well-being!
We´ll give our crumpled fasciae tissue a gentle massage which will increase the flow of nutrients and fluidity of your linking tissue and support its regeneration. Soothing stretching and activation of the muscles and joints that have suffered during the journey will give the course the finishing touch. Something for gourmets! Now the holiday can begin!



The Finns have invented it. Sauna infusions strengthen the immune system, the circulation of blood relaxes the muscles, exercises the vessels - and stimulates your metabolism. Relax and be thrilled !
Not just another ordinary infusion ! We celebrate a little ritual with daily-changing themes. The atmosphere during the event-infusions may will be hot & cheerful! During the relax- infusions we would like to treat you to moments of sensuality and make you sweat slowly and gently.


With aphrodisiac fragrances we´ll make the sauna an oriental wellness temple. We´ll fan Egyptian desert
heat elegantly into the sauna, accompanied by a gentle belly dancing performance. What was the beauty secret of the last pharao Cleopatra VII ? We can only speculate. What we do know is: Honey makes the skin
silky-soft and milk products slow down the process of aging. Let yourself be treated to that !

Aloha for your senses. Exotic, fruity fragrances have a stimulating & inspiring effect. We´ll bring the true
Lomi Lomi - Spirit into the sweating-room with Hawaian sounds. While vulcano stones keep glowing in the oven, we´ll groom ourselves with the oil of the coco nut. Aloa-he …

We´ll train you to become a real sauna professional - and teach you how to sauna correctly. We´ll be right with you before and after the infusion, respond and go into the positive effects, risks & into your questions.
The infusion is underlined, classically, with Mozart and Beethoven - and with traditional fragrances and ice
for cooling down

Inspired by far east fragrances and relaxation techniques from Tai Chi you´ll enjoy the ceremony. Afterwards a natural peeling with sea salt, olive oil and lemon juice is ready for you. Cleansing and wellness written with capital letters!

Bei den Saunaufgussen werden ausschließlich natürliche, 100 prozentige Essenzen eingesetzt. Ohne künstliche Zusatzstoffe wollen wir ein gesundes saunieren garantieren.





On special bikes we cycle against the water resistance. T h e smash hit not only in summer! This joint
friendly, cardio-circulation training in the pool firms up our linking tissue (anti-cellulite effect!), is good for our immune system and will burn, as a side effect, lots of calories. Initially, aqua cycling was applied in
rehabilitation programs. You can cycle as fast or slow as you can. Our „Best of "- music will draw out even sports slackers and they´ll come back to the hotel just because of that;) Will you, too ?




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